Mazda Car Dealership Brightens Up

Richporter’s mandate was to brighten up the Mazda car dealership located in Chambly with a complete lighting system.


Showroom lighting is crucial to the success of a car dealership. Quality lighting will showcase the vehicles on display and bring out their shapes, colors, and textures.  A highly durable and efficient architectural luminaire that provides a uniform and glare-free lighting level is essential. Beyond the selection of luminaires, a lighting study is recommended in order to design a high-performance system.


Waiting Room

The waiting room should be a comfortable and relaxing environment. It is also the only room in the dealership where it is possible to accentuate the architecture of the building and focus on the decorative aspect of the appliances.



For the

garage, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the level of lighting and even more to the uniformity. It is essential to reduce as much as possible the potential areas of pronounced shadows in order to ensure the safety of the personnel but also to ensure that no detail escapes the technician.

For Mazda, vehicle safety is imperative.


An advantage of LED devices, compared to the old technology, which is often ignored, is their silent operation, no whistling or other noise. This is not only good for employees but also for visitors. Imagine negotiating the purchase of your future vehicle with incessant background noise. Combine this with their longevity and energy performance and it becomes obvious why LED lights are now the industry standard.













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