Supermarket Lighting Design Guide

Customer Centric Supermarket Lighting Design Guide What makes Supermarket lighting a crucial element of the store’s overall design, and ultimately – its success? We should all know, we are living in this overly competitive, customer oriented 21st century. Online shopping is gaining more and more traction as the years go by, especially since the Pandemic started. Giants of the retail industries have decided that enough is enough. Some well-known names have […]


What are the 4 types of lighting?

In most cases, we are fully aware of the fact that different rooms serve different purposes.  Naturally, we have our dining room, living room, work office, kitchen, bedroom, etc.  However, it is interesting that we are often completely oblivious to the fact that each room, having a purpose or multiple purposes requires a suited lighting solution.    We usually tailor each room for a unique purpose… Making the bedroom extra comfortable for sleeping, kitchen perfect for cooking, work office a hustling utopia – […]