We are
your lighting and acoustics design partner

We support you from the conception of your project to its integration, by offering you the best full spectrum lighting solutions.






We make your space

  • More productive
  • More profitable
  • More energy efficient

Whether it’s a new construction, renovation, modernization or simple replacement, our lighting experts combine form and style with functionality to strengthen your brand identity.






Our vision

We want to change industry processes by adapting our lighting solutions to each specific market:

Construction, development, hospitality, retail and catering. We work along with the usual key players in the field (owners, designers, architects, contractors and engineers) in order to add added value to each project, to simplify the decision-making process and to avoid mistakes, overshoots costs, surpluses, delays in delivery as

well as poor lighting results. We’re working to remove the markup and deliver you lighting at a reasonable cost that is less expensive than through a traditional supply chain. All in order to provide you with sustainable and high performance lighting systems.







We use the latest simulation techniques and software to optimize lighting levels and color rendering.






Our priority is to meet your requirements in all respects while respecting your objectives, your budget and your specifications.





Energy Efficiency

We specialize in sustainable commercial lighting.





do we work?

By consultative approach.

We start with an analysis of your needs.

Then, we develop a series of solutions optimized for your space and its users.

See our process

Our Clients

As a Lighting designers and project managers,
we directly support industrial and commercial organizations such as Arobas, Corbeil, Hyundai, Avril, Point G, Bilboquet, Quilicot and Onion Flat (Philadelphia).

For some of our client we create Standardisation program which allows them to standardize the visual aspect of their branches and the appearance of their brand.

As a distributor,we also work in collaboration with architects, designers, promoters, general contractors and electricians to identify products that meet the needs of their customers.