Our process

Assigning your project

From the start of the mandate, a project manager will be assigned to you.

He will be your point of reference and will act as an advisor.

He will be surrounded by a technical and management team designed to meet your needs. These professionals will ensure all stages from creation to realization





Developing your concept

For new installations

  • Our team will analyze your architect’s plans, as well as his specific requests.
  • We will offer you lighting products that meet your objectives.
  • We will carry out a photometric study to verify that all the targeted spaces are covered while maximizing the lighting levels and establishing the visual uniformity of your premises.
  • We’ll make sure that important items, such as vehicles in a dealership’s showroom or retail displays, are highlighted.

For upgrading existing systems

  • We will analyze your current lighting products, their configuration, and their use.
  • We’ll introduce you to new devices, showing you the impact and the savings they can bring to you.
  • Based on your comments and the results of the analysis, we will perform a photometric study to ensure that the solutions offered are the best answer to your needs. In this study, we will simulate the implementation of the products offered in order to verify compliance with your standards and aesthetic, while obtaining uniform lighting coverage.




Implementing your project

We support you step by step in all stages of the project: ordering products, coordinating logistics and installation, documentation, warranty management, etc.