Avril Humaniti, Downtown Montreal

Richporter has been working with Avril supermarket, supplying them with the best lighting solutions for their stores.

We are pleased to present to you to our latest Avril supermarket project: Avril Humaniti!

Located in downtown Montreal, Humaniti is a unique and luxurious condo development designed with its residents’ wellbeing in mind.

This vertical community building comprises penthouses, condos, office spaces, a spa, a hotel, restaurants and shops. So of course, a supermarket designed in line with the rest of the building could not be left out.

Avril supermarket is recognized for its natural and fresh offerings, encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Richporter’s goal was to stay true to Avril’s brand by supplying an ideal lighting design.

The appropriate lighting for a commercial retail space includes fixtures that will be energy efficient and optimize product display. The right color temperature will enhance the food’s appearance. Fruits and vegetables will look more vibrant and fresh under the right light, thus enhancing the visitor’s senses.

Based on the design of the architectural firm AEdifica, we optimized the lighting of each area of the supermarket.

The main architectural highlight of the store is the custom fixture acting as linear up and downlights and projectors. This single, custom-made design allowed us to integrate them into the double-height areas at the front of the store.

The narrow and long high ceiling space needed a high output and a narrow beam light source. This solution allowed us to direct focus to the products on the shelves where required. We created a sharp contrast by integrating tamed lights into the space. The selected fixtures helped to create a warm interior and present a high-end feel to the supermarket, keeping the products brightly lit without a ‘warehouse feel’.

Although Avril Humaniti’s store required a certain uniqueness for their different needs, it still, however, maintains a similarity to the other locations. The use of projectors and linear lights keep consistency throughout, but rather than have them

installed individually, the change here was to merge them as a single unit.

Used LED Fixtures:


Architect: AEdifica

Photographer: Olivier Blouin


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