What are the 4 types of lighting?

In most cases, we are fully aware of the fact that different rooms serve different purposes. 

Naturally, we have our dining room, living room, work office, kitchen, bedroom, etc. 

However, it is interesting that we are often completely oblivious to the fact that each room, having a purpose or multiple purposes requires a suited lighting solution. 


We usually tailor each room for a unique purpose… Making the bedroom extra comfortable for sleeping, kitchen perfect for cooking, work office a hustling utopia – yet we overlook just how important proper lighting is. Haven’t you noticed that as well? This is the issue we will try to address. 


We strongly believe that the lighting features need to perfectly correspond to the purpose, setting, and application of the room. 


Hoping that a single source and type of lighting can fulfill all our lighting needs and serve any particular function is a pitfall we easily end up in. 


As much as we select the furniture, appliances, and home accessories to better suit the nature of the activities we partake inwhether it be relaxation, working, crafting, cooking, or enjoying some time with our family and friends, we should also put some consideration in the selection of our lighting fixtures. 


We fully understand that you may be baffled by this… Wondering: “why the hell would I care about specifically tailored lighting? Just switch it on and any lighting that helps me see will do! 


It may be true that any lighting will enable you to see. However, not any lighting can meet your specific needs in the most efficient and comfortable manner. 


Enough on the lighting options already… You want to hear what exactly are they and how you can enjoy them. So let’s get straight to the good stuff. 


In general, lighting experts agree that there are four primary types of lighting, each category being specifically tailored and created to serve its unique purpose and fulfill specific needs:


Here’s our 2 cents on each of these categories. 




Bright, powerful illumination that lights up a room in its entirety… General lighting, or now mostly known as ambient lighting is made for a single purpose: to provide you with uniform levels of illumination over the entire space completely independently from other lighting sources. 

Creating a strong ambient illumination through bounce and reflections off the walls, thus ensuring safe and easy navigation as its primary purpose.  


Fixtures most often used to supply general, ambient lighting are: 



While it is true that when we think of ambient lighting, we mostly imagine an indoor space, outdoor ambient lighting is also very often used for a variety of purposes.  

Besides being used for decorative accents to increase the aesthetic appeal of a certain building, yard or area surrounding an object, it is most often utilized as an increased security measure. 

High visibility, bright lighting, and vivid outdoor illumination usually serve their purpose of deterring malicious intents of all sorts quite well, which is why they are preferred as a way of providing improved security around the perimeter. 


Of course, besides the general premise of security, they are also used for personal security whether it be from an external threat or simply allowing you to distinguish obstacles in your path. 


Most often used outdoor lighting fixture types are: 





Have a task at hand?  


Few things can serve as a more worthy addition than effective task lighting specifically tailored for the task you are about to complete. 


Whether you are about to indulge engage in productive computer work, enjoy cooking a delicious meal or simply sit back and relax with a good booknothing will aid you better as a task lighting. 


Types of Fixtures that Provide Task Lighting: 







Achieving a specific desired effect by focusing on certain points of interest is what accent lighting does best.  


Whether you want to create an impression of a larger room, highlight a certain feature or decoration focal point such as a beautiful collection, or even a certain unique piece of art, accent lighting is the right thing for you. 


In general, accent lighting shines upon three times as much light on the focal point as ambient lighting provides to emphasize it. Have a higher output and narrower beam angle to focus the light only where required. This is a requirement to create a noticeable contrast with the ambient lighting that will guide your gaze where it must go. 


Types of Fixtures that Provide Accent Lighting: 







One of the most important things to consider when making your decorative lighting selection is the effect the design will have with the light that is transmitted. 


When it comes to decorative lighting, just like its name implies, it is all about making a strong statement. Before choosing it, make sure to think of the direct, upwards, or downwards lighting, color, and size to really achieve the effect that you have in mind.  


There are a few things that can make a statement or set a mood quite as much as a quality chandelier or floor lamp. 


Choose the placement of your decorative lights, their style, and color carefully and nothing will stop you from having the room of your dreams appear shine right before your eyes. 


Types of Decorative Lighting: 


In a nutshell 


That is about it when it comes to lighting categories.  


Has this article compelled you to install several types of lighting? Which ones? We would LOVE to hear more about your experience with lighting in the comments. 


If you need help with your lighting design, whether it is personal, commercial, or industrial – we will be happy to help. Contact our experts today! 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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