Quilicot Villeray

Bicycles Quilicot specializes in bikes and items for cyclists offering a wide range of products, brands, and services to its customers.

Richporter had the opportunity to work again with Quilicot when their Villeray’s store undertook a lighting upgrade.

When providing lighting solutions for Quilicot, Richporter Lighting aims to stage their products using adjustable spotlights with adjustable beams. With powerful and flexible devices, we ensure the ease of the layout’s reorganization space might require in the


For Quilicot Villeray, we aimed for a design to the image of their brand. This location needed specific lighting solutions tailored to the architectural space and layout.

Villeray store’s ceiling being high and irregular, required special lighting. To complement the classic track lighting system, we added suspended cylindrical projectors as general lighting.

The best lighting solutions help ensure an optimal customer experience that will meet the visitors’ expectations. Contact us for lighting advice.

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