Upgraded Brand Image and New Lighting for Corbeil

In 2019, for their 70th anniversary, Corbeil decided to get a new brand identity. The idea was to keep their customer loyalty by honouring the past while keep providing a great customer experience.

Located in Laval, the retail store comprises various lighting fixtures for the different areas of the store.

The linear suspended architectural lighting fixtures are the main luminaires on display. When customers enter the store, the first thing they see is this big linear continuous lighting connecting the whole area. These fixtures make a statement while bringing uniformity throughout the space.

The under cabinet strip lights are used as an accent and task lighting in the kitchen area where cooking workshops are to be held.

To keep a seamless look, we chose a black, modern and versatile luminaire located throughout the different areas.

This lighting fixture was used as track lighting, suspended

and flush lighting to serve different purposes.

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Architect: David Drahi

General Contractor: Spacia

Corbeil Project Manager: Jean-François Brunet

Photographer: Guillaume Gorini

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