Hyundai Seaway

Located in Cornwall, Ontario; Hyundai Seaway is positioned as one of the most important car dealerships in the area. Richporter Lighting had the opportunity to count it among the Hyundai stores that we have collaborated with to improve their image through lighting.

For this location, we wanted to achieve various objectives through its redesign: replacing the old lights with new ones while improving the quality and efficiency of the overall lighting thus reducing energy consumption.

Additionally, a greater visual comfort was achieved by utilizing the ideal CRI index for dealerships. We also aimed to enhance the overall space’s visual appeal for a greater visitors’ experience and comfort within the space to attract new customers and ultimately resulting in an increase in sales.

Richporter Lighting had the pleasure to collaborate with R.H. Carter Architects INC in the lighting study. We sought to respect the brand’s identity through consistent lighting across all Canadian stores by including ceiling panels, projectors and pendant lights found across all the other Hyundai locations.

LED lights were used throughout the project, reducing thus the environmental impact by reducing energy consumption while increasing performance and lowering the energy bill.
Displaying a clean and cared for space, the results speak for themselves. The

dealership appears welcoming to customers with efficient lighting, demonstrating that all the objectives set were satisfactorily met.


Architect: R. H. Carter Architects INC

Contractor: Grant-Marion Construction Ltd

Photographer: Guillaume Gorini


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