Clinique D

The common areas are lit by hanging WiFi LED bulbs to control the intensity and color of each zone. Installed at a height of 8′-0 “, they offer maximum brightness to users with a minimum of power without however being too blindingly bright.

Recessed strip LED lights highlight the great fall of wood above the counter as well as the waiting room volume. The same type of fixture is recessed at the reception counter to illuminate staff work surfaces. Finally, each examination room is lit by a variety of LED sources to provide a

complete cover with a wide spectrum.

The overall system remains efficient as a panel behind the glass ceiling, in a linear strip recessed along with the same ceiling, in the form of a recessed light above the stretcher and a directional wifi bulb on an adjustable arm near the patient.

The glazed ceiling and the access doors to the service corridor are complete with diffused natural lighting.

The entire space is brightly lit to enhance the accuracy of visual examinations of patients.




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