Commercial LED Lighting

AccuLite™ PG series LED parking garage luminaires deliver high-performance, energy-efficient lighting in a very compact package. The 9-inch square PG1 series produces nearly 5,500 lumens of brilliant white light.  Features custom-designed optics that provide superbly uniform, square light patterns ideally suited for 30- by 30-foot or 30- by 40-foot spacing.

These advanced LED luminaires are between two- and four-times more energy efficient than other light sources and offer many years of maintenance-free operation with a rated service life of 100,000 L70 hours.


INPUT WATTS: 32 to 84

PF: 0.92 to 0.99

THDI%: 11.8 to 12.1

LUMENS: 2,353 to 8,169

EFFICACY: 74 to 101

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