The technologies
Used for the product range By Richporter

Optimize your system, do more with less.

For Richporter Lighting lighting is of utmost importance. We understand the impact of light on productivity, circulation, security and the atmosphere generated.

Each project has its own requirements and characteristics. That is why the planification of any system goes through a 3D simulation of the space to be analyzed in order to ensure compliance of the system before its purchase.

Our experts will know how to combine your requirements to your budget.

More than a purchase, an investment.

All lighting concepts proposed by our experts provide short and long-term savings. Richporter Lighting will present you the energy saving and maintenance details of your future system in comparison to products already in place. All facilities designed by our team are scheduled to provide maximum economy while creating an ergonomic environment for increased productivity.

We pay special attention constantly to the performance of the lighting. This makes our lighting systems, a cost-effective choice for many reasons as quantitative and qualitative.

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