• Lieu : Nice
  • Date : 10/15/2015
  • Produit : LTR IP65
  • Architecte : Groupe 6
  • Quantité : 4200

CAP 3000

The CAP 3000 shopping center was created in 1969, he was the second commercial center of France. CAP 3000 has through the ages by modernizing and expanding its offerings, ideally located on the seafront and close to the airport of Nice-Cote d’Azur he enjoys a steady and significant attendance.

The current renovation concerns the entire complex. Storey car park has also been created, it is for this that the Richporter Eclairage solutions were selected.

Our LTR luminaire is an ideal, efficient and reliable solution for car parks, the luminaire is completely waterproof, easy to install and very reliable because of the used components and technologies. It provides diffused light and glare, his life provides significant maintenance savings, the use of LEDs makes saving energy and CO² rejection of about 48% compared to equivalent traditional solutions (T8 or T5)