Desk partition and workplace screen system lines

Arktura is proud to announce a new lineup of desk partitions and screens built specifically to address the new needs of our workplaces. Arktura has been working around the clock to develop solutions to address safety concerns while remaining flexible, comfortable, cleanable, and enhancing the character of workspaces. Our first rollout begins with three affordable and artfully designed, modular desk partition solutions – Petal, Ridge, and Glide, available in two material options. Choose from either lightweight and durable high-performance acoustic PET Soft Sound® construction, available with an anti-microbial option, to enhance comfort through noise reduction, or more affordable yet surprisingly rugged corrugated fiberboard versions. No matter what version you choose, these systems help create calm semi-enclosed workspaces that limit direct air currents and provide tools for privacy, comfort, and safety. And while designed for shared spaces, they are equally adaptable to the home office, allowing you to create a private space in any setting. Visit our site or contact your local Arktura representative to learn more.

Petal, Ridge, and Glide are perfect complements to our recently launched SoftScreen™, a versatile and affordable wall panel system from Arktura that makes it easy to enhance the look and functionality of your spaces. Made from our Soft Sound® acoustic material, SoftScreen™ was developed to bring modular, cost-effective and easy-to-install acoustic space division to commercial and residential environments alike in a time when defining quick and comfortable areas for work and living is more pressing than ever. Screens can be directly wall-mounted, suspended through simple cable grippers, or installed as operable dividers with our track and trolley system, to fit the needs of your project. Choose from a library of evocative designs, including perforated patterns, and grooved surface texture options, in a variety of colors and wood textures, to reduce noise while creating privacy and dividing spaces.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for more details: Partition Covid-19

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